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Signing Bee

Logo from CMCD's iPad and iPhone app Signing Bee, one of the best apps for teachers of ASL.

An inventive, new way to learn and practice American Sign Language! Learn to sign your ABC’s in flashcard mode, then practice your signing skills in mix and match mode before advancing to Signing Bee, where you’ll decipher words spelled in American Sign Language (ASL). Fun for all ages!

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Three screens from CMCD's Signing Bee iPad app, an ASL learning app for kids and adults.


• Flashcard: Learn how to sign A through Z in FlashCard mode. The screen displays a photo of a hand signing a letter. To display the written letter, tap once, and to hear the letter spoken, tap twice. Swipe to advance to the next screen.

• Match: Practice your ASL alphabet recognition in Match mode. A written letter will appear at the top of the screen. Swipe the bottom screen until you find the hand that’s signing the same letter. Tap twice to confirm a match. Swipe to advance to the next screen.

• Signing Bee: Test your ASL spelling skills in Signing Bee. Choose from three preconfigured spelling lists, ranging from easy to challenging. Read the hand signs on the top half of the screen, then type in the word that was spelled on the bottom half. You can also build and customize your own Signing Bee spelling list!