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Map of Zorama with images from Critteroos, a fun educational app for kids.According to legend, the island Zorama was once part of the Lost City of Atlantis, before a giant wave came and carried the island away on the ocean current. Zorama floated aimlessly, undetected by the world’s explorers for centuries until it was finally discovered in 1928 by a cargo ship bound for the United States. The ship, filled with animals destined for the zoo, ran aground and released all of its captive critters into the wild of the uninhabited island.

Very little was known about Zorama until a intrepid sailor recently discovered the island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He was astounded when he first saw the amazing animals that inhabited the island. After careful observation, he discovered that they mysteriously transformed into other animals after drinking from a certain magical waterhole. The sailor named these newfound, miraculous creatures, “Critteroos”.

* * * * *

These reclusive creatures were photographed by the famous wildlife photographer Tyler Baxter, and a selection of this work is compiled in Critteroos: Mix. Match. Print.

This initial compilation features Critteroos from the north and south side of the island in two separate image sets — entitled Critteroos I & II.

ZsaZsa, a Birdze-roo -- a critter that's part zebra and part ostrich, from educational iPad app Critteroos.

The cover-Critteroo is ZsaZsa, a four-year old Birdze from Boulder Point on the island’s north-side.  Her friends Max, the Roosta-mu, Sally, the Kitty-hawk, and Spot, the Sputz, are favorites of the photographer.

ZsaZsa's Critteroos friends -- Max, the Roosta-mu, part rooster, part emu;  Sally, the Kitty-hawk, -- part cat and hawk; Spot, the Sputz, a critter that's part giraffe and leopard, all from CMCD's iPhone game for kids.ZsaZsa’s siblings Hoot Birdze, Quack Birdze, and  Snoot Birdze-Lama are also included in this initial compilation.

Critteroo siblings of ZsaZsa are part ostrich, part owl, part mallard duck and part llama, just a few of the combinations from Critteroos, a fun kids' app from CMCD.

Biologists are confounded by the diversity of the Critteroo population. They’ve been trying to identify and name the various species of Critteroos only to find new ones popping up everyday. There are well over a thousand identified but naming them continues to be challenged and we need your help.