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Match-A-Roo: Top Memory Matching Game App


One. Two. Match-a-Roo: Top Memory Matching Game App

Reviewed by Fun Educational App

One. Two. Match-a-Roo is a great match a pair game app with 80 wonderful images from CMCD’s award-winning image library featuring domestic and exotic animals from around the world. A game app that offers multiple match settings that will help with memory skills. Additional set for colors, numbers and letters are available via in app purchase. Animals Pair matching game app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Memory matching games are great fun educational games that help stimulate kids memory. One. Two. Match-a-Roo is a new game app that will entertained your kids for hours and allow them to discover 4 sets of animals.

Farm Critters – Home Critters – Forest Critters –and Wild Critters

When starting children are able to choose which category they want to play with. Simply tap on one of the icon. Then, kids need to choose a level of difficulty

  • Easy 12 pictures
  • Intermediate 16 images or
  • Challenging with 20 images.

Three screenshots from One.Two.Match-A-Roo., the educational matching game for kids.

One. Two. Match-a-Roo also offers 2 different type of match:

  • two-of-a-kind, same animal/different view,
  • same animal/close-up view).

Three screenshots from One.Two.Match-A-Roo., an educational app for kids.

The game play is easy to follow and play, and each time kids will listen to the name of the animal. Once children have found all the match they get rewarded with a great full screen picture of one of the animals.


What Fun Educational Apps Liked

Memory matching game are popular and One. Two. Match-a-Roo is a top one. It allows children to discover many different types of animals and improve memory skills. We liked the fact that you can select which type of animals you want to play with. It allows kids to know which animal is in which group, so if you want them to recognize all animals from the wild select Wild Critters and if you want them to learn about Home Critters then just tap on the set.

We enjoyed having the 2 different type of match it simply adds extra challenge. It is a well-executed high quality game app that will entertain children for a long time and they will like to play it over and over. The pictures are wonderful!

Three screenshots from One.Two.Match-A-Roo., a learning app for children.

If your kids are learning Letters and Numbers or Colors then you may want to check the other sets available via in app purchase. Each set will reinforce learning via bright and colourful pictures. Note that for the letters you can select upper or lower case and as with the animal set you can choose the type of match you want.

Make sure to check the “Extrras”, a sample of Critteroos, another fun Mix and Match game app from CMCD Visual Symbols.

One. Two. Match-a-Roo is also available in French and Spanish via the in-app purchase.

Overall it is a fun memory matching game, ideal to discover many different animals. The kids at Fun Educational Apps had fun playing and I hope your kids will do too.