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Critteroos reviewed by


Reviewed by

Criteroos is going to help your kid learn the animals by playing with them…or better said…half of them. And why is that?

Because this time you don’t just have to identify them, but to first match them by picking the right upper half and then the bottom one.

While this is really fun for a while the fun part comes when you start to mix them.

Cause it’s serious to see a leopard…but really funny to see a…leoduck

Image of a leoduck, a Critteroo that's half leopard and half duck, from CMCD, creator of interactive educational software for kids.and truly hilarious to see a leostrich :)

Sometimes you might get into real trouble. Like, for example, right now: what is this: an emupine or an e-porcupine?

Image of an emupine, a Critteroo that's half emu and half porcupine, from CMCD, producer of iphone games for kids.

This one is easier: porcuhen!!!

Image of a leoduck, a Critteroo that's half leopard and half duck, from CMCD's Critteroos, an awesome game for kids.

ok, ok, this is the last one, I promise.

Can you guess what it might be?

Image of a bemu, a Critteroo that's half bear and half emu, from CMCD, cretor of learning software and educational games for kids.

I’ll be waiting for your answers onFacebook. Let’s share the fun :)

Now some serious talk. I am amazed how well the images combine – the creators really troubled themselves with choosing the right pics and cutting them to maximize the fun, I am sure about that.

You can also customize the app: it can show the name of each “half-animal”, you can save them on your iPad, name the new creatures you play with and then you can choose to print them. Check the video presentation.