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Critteroos reviewed by Fun Educational App


Reviewd by Fun Educational Apps

Critteroos. Fun Mix and Match Animal Game App

Critteroos: Mix.  Match. Print – a fun matching game app  for kids foriPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It is original, cool and engaging with beautiful pictures, a new game specially designed to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. Entertaining and amusing Critteroos will keep the little ones busy over the holidays!

Mix and match games can be fun for the kids and great to stimulate  memory. Today we want you to discover Critteroo, a unique and original learning game app with top visual concept based on the wonderful legend of the island Zorama.

Starting with Critteroos you will have 2 options: Flash cards or Mix and Match.

With Flash cards your kids will discover and learn the name and pictures of a wide variety of animals. Via the option menu you can have the name of the animals displayed in English, Spanish, French or even Chinese Mandarin. (Note: French and Chinese available via in-app purchase).

With the Mix and Match mode children will have fun mixing the top and bottom halves of all the animals. Kids can either find the matching half or invent unique “Critteroos” simply by swiping the top or bottom image to the right or left to create an animal.  Double-tap the screen to confirm a match and hear the animal’s name pronounced and see it displayed on the screen. Choose to be creative and why not invent new magical creatures from Zorama such as “Leostrichpigdonkey, zebpig, rosstowl, leocats” and many more. Combinations are unlimited, or to be exact, you can create 1296 different animals.

Finally, once your kids have  created a Critteroo they can listen to the name and sound of the animal and print their creation to share with friend and family.

What Fun Educational Apps Liked:

At Fun Educational Apps we liked the high quality of this new imaginative game app that help children learn the name of a variety of animals in several languages in a fun and interactive way. It gives the opportunity to create a complete match or mix 2 different animals to create Critteroos. It features amazing and captivating images of exotic and domestic animals from Clement’s top acclaimed stock photos collections, CMCD’s Visual Symbol Library. We were very pleased to see how well all the images combines together to create realistic original creatures.

To add fun and interest for the kids we introduced the legend behind the Critteroos where “according to the legend, the island Zorama was once part of the Lost City of Atlantis, before a giant wave came and carried the island away on the ocean current. Zorama floated aimlessly, undetected by the world’s explorers for centuries until it was finally discovered in 1928 by a cargo ship bound for the United States. The ship, filled with animals destined for the zoo, ran agroundand released all of its captive critters into the wild of the uninhabited island.”the kids really liked the idea of creating mysterious creatures and pretended they were all coming from Zorama.

Overall Critteroos is a fun top quality learning game app. It will help kids learn the name and sounds of many animals and will help develop imagination and creativity by creating and naming strange creatures. The kids at Fun Educational Apps had a fun time playing this top game and we hope yours will do too.

Critteroos is available for downlaod via the iTunes App Store in English and Spanish the addtional languages Fench and Chinese are availbale via in app purchase.

Give it a try - Mini  Critteroos – Free

Make sure to share you Critteroos and let us know all the new animals you have created.

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