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Image of 2 iPads with unusual pairing images of animals — zebras, ostrich, penguin, elephant, pig, duck, porcupine, serval, baboon from Critteroos, the first in a series of educational apps for kids from CMCD Visual Symbols.“Animals roar to life in an educational app designed for kids”
— Cool Hunting

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Critteroos: Mix. Match. Print. is an imaginative, new learning app for kids! With three ways to play, children can learn the names of a wide variety of animals in several languages, pair one animal half with its matching half to create a complete image, and mix two different animals together to create their very own Critteroo that can be named, saved, and shared! Available NOW at Apple’s iTune Store. 

Modes of Play:  Match.

  • Designed to build vocabulary and hone visual acuity and working memory.
  • Swipe the bottom and top images to the left or right to find two images that match to form an animal.
  • Double-tap the screen to confirm a match and hear the animal’s name pronounced and see it displayed on the screen.

Three screens from Critteroos (zebra top with hawk bottom, zebra top with ostrich bottom, and complete zebra), a children's app from CMCD, producer of educational apps for the iPhone.

Modes of Play:  Mix.

  • Designed to encourage creativity!
  • Mix two different animals together to create your very own unique Critteroo!
  • There are myriad possibilities of Critteroos to be created (1,296 combinations, to be exact!).Selection of seven mixed-up animal images from Critteroos, one of the best kids iphone apps.

Three screen overview of naming process in Critteroos, a fun matching game app for kids.

Modes of Play:  Save and Print.

  • All new animal creations can be saved in your iPhoto album to print later, share with friends, or even post as artwork on the web to share with the world.
  • Tap the Download button and enter your Critteroo’s name on the keyboard.
  • Tap the Done button and the name of the animal will display on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • A copy of your Critteroo will save to your iPhoto library!

Three screens from Critteroos (flashcard mode with rooster, settings mode with multiple settings choices, and mix and match mode with bear and sheep), an iPhone app for kids.


There are four settings to customize the playing experience:

  • Tap & Hold helps to prevent younger players from interrupting the game unintentionally.  When Tap & Hold is on, you will need to press and hold any buttons (pause, home, settings) for three seconds in order to activate them.
  • Auto Match will automatically show you if a match is made.  When Auto Match is off, you must tap the screen twice to check if you’ve made a match.
  • Auto Narrate will play the name of each animal automatically as it appears on the screen.  If Auto Narrate is off, you’ll need to tap the screen once to hear and see and hear the animal’s name.
  • Music turns on or off the background music.

More Languages and Images.

Screens from Critteroos showing English, Spanish, and multiple language sets, all designed to help children in animal learning.

English and Spanish language sets are included in Critteroos I.

Screens showing Mandarin and French language sets in Critteroos, a matching game app for kids.

French and Mandarin (includes both simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin) are available as individual language upgrades to Critteroos I.  To purchase, tap the Home button and then the More Sets button from within the app.

An additional set of animal images is also available for more Critteroos fun!  Critteroos II includes an entire set of new animals to mix, match, and print.  Available as an upgrade to Critteroos I in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Title screens from language upgrades in Mandarin and French for Critteroos I and English, Spanish, French, and Chinese for Critteroos II, imaginative iPad and iPhone apps for children.